Back in June of 2008 an old winery from 1937
At only 20 minutes from the City of Mendoza, this viticulture project began in 2007 after the full restoration of a century-old winery that still preserves its façade. It is now exclusively focused on the making of Premium wines.

CASARENA Winery and Vineyards is a viticulture project that honors the rich tradition of Agrelo and Perdriel, in Luján de Cuyo, two of the best terroirs in Mendoza. For this reason, the preservation of the plants that are the origin of the viticulture industry in Mendoza is our main concern. At 945 meters (3100,39 ft) above sea level in the High Valley of the Mendoza River, these superb designations are home to some of the oldest and most precious vineyards in the province.

Casarena is located in the heart of Perdriel, in the building of a century-old winery, built in 1937, fully renovated for this project. The different properties in Luján de Cuyo were chosen according to their different geographical situations as for height, orientation and soil composition.

Each vineyard soil was thoroughly surveyed so all possible expressions of the same varietal in a nearby area could be shown. Casarena has four strategically located estates: JAMILLA, NAOKI, OWEN and LAUREN. 

CASARENA Winery and Vineyards stands for the supremacy of a region that expresses itself from the historic vines thanks to the work of great professionals that interpret them. All the dimensions of Luján de Cuyo, the perfect region to create wines with identity.


The building preserves the original structure; it was fully renovated and adapted for the operation of a state-of-the-art winery that combines the best of traditional elaboration procedures with the latest technological innovations. It has a processing area equipped with pioneering French technology, different presses for white and red wines, pumps, destemmer, and for the selection of grapes phase, a double gravitational table that prevents the damage and rupture of skins. A rise in temperature is thus avoided and whole and healthy berries reach the fermentation vessels, ensuring health, cleanliness and varietal purity.

At present, the winery has a capacity of 650.000 liters in concrete vats coated with epoxy and equipped with a heating and cooling system that helps preventing temperature changes during the fermentation process. It also has 175.000 liters capacity in stainless steel tanks and an expressly designed room to hold 400 French and American oak barrels with controlled temperature and a programmable humidity system to preserve the wood quality.